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Tell us what you think about plastic pollution!

What do you think about plastic pollution?

Two years ago, Preventing Plastic Pollution launched a first survey on people’s knowledge and perception on the issue of plastic pollution. It is now time to re-launch this survey and see if and how people’s perceptions and knowledge on the issue of plastic pollution might have changed. And for that we need you to take part in our quick survey.

Since we launched, Preventing Plastic Pollution has been tackling this issue by bringing together 18 partners on both sides of the Channel to better understand and reduce the impacts of plastic pollution on aquatic environments.

By examining the whole river catchment, from source to sea, we have identified and targeted plastic pollution hotspots and carried out a variety of clean-up actions. As well as raising awareness among different target groups, such as fast-food companies, laboratories, schools, fishing and angling communities, and agricultural sectors.

Your responses will allow us to see if there has been an evolution in the knowledge and perception on the issue of plastic pollution, both in the project area and elsewhere.

We are interested in hearing from anyone who would like to contribute to our research on people’s perceptions of plastic pollution, whether you have been involved with the project or not.