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Community groups and organisations with an environmental interest came together to share their experiences and work together to prevent plastic pollution and inspire behaviour change in the Southampton area. The workshop was delivered by the Environment Agency’s plastics and sustainability team as part of Preventing Plastic Pollution, which identifies and targets plastics hotspots from river to sea.

Workshop attendees had the chance to find out about the impact of plastic pollution, how to organise litter picks, access useful guidance and materials, and get involved with existing local projects. Experts believe around 10 million tonnes of plastic waste enters the ocean every year, and solutions need to be found at every level. As well as mapping and targeting plastic pollution hotspots, Preventing Plastic Pollution aims to embed positive behaviour change in local communities and businesses.

Environment Agency officer Jonathan Harvey, from the plastics and sustainability team, said: “Influencing positive behaviour change is an important part of making long-term sustainable changes to protect wildlife and marine life from harmful plastics. By working with zero waste groups, public sector bodies, businesses and others, we want to spread this message and enable appropriate action to reduce avoidable plastic waste.“

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