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Secondary School Pupils Build Plastic Waste Collection Bins to Help Prevent Plastic Pollution

Since their return to school in September, secondary pupils from the general and professional section of The Prévert College in Coutances, France, have made about fifteen litter collectors from wooden pallets. Globally, around 80% of the waste found in the sea comes from a land source, which is why part of the Preventing Plastic Pollution project is tackling the capture of plastic waste before it can reach our waterways.

This is why the Département de la Manche has partnered with the Association nationale de la protection des eaux et rivières (ANPER) to set up a network of plastic waste collectors on the territory. Every month, thanks to citizen participation, waste is collected, accounted for and sorted by ANPER in order to quantify and better understand the phenomenon of plastic pollution along waterways.

Their efforts have been reported by La Manche Libre, the full press article is available to download and read below.