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Sea Trekking Expedition in Crozon, Brittany with Watch the Sea

This summer, our partners Labocéa and PNMI / OFB are collaborating with Watch the Sea to bring seatrekking to the Brittany coast. During these excursions, participants will also contribute to our efforts to understand the impacts of plastic pollution on the marine environment.

Last week, four members of  Watch The Sea France  swam a 15 km stretch of coastline between the beaches of Kador (Morgat) and La Palue (Crozon) in the bay of Douarnenez.

Equipped with waterproof and inflatable bags in which they stored their sleeping bags, stove, food, and water for their 3 days out in nature (from 12 to 14 July 2021), the four volunteers carried out their actions at sea and on land under the watchful eye of a seal, who followed them for a good part of their journey.

During the expedition useful data was collected which will contribute to research on plastic pollution and biodiversity:

  1. Observations of fauna and flora biodiversity for the Iroise Marine Natural Park (PNMI): eelgrass beds, maërl schools, kelp forest, crustaceans, fish, marine mammals;
  2. The collection and categorisation of an estimated volume of waste of about 300 litres: fishing traps, signal buoys, plastic bottles, pieces of nets, nylon lines, goggles, leisure balloons, etc. This waste was collected both at sea, on the foreshore and at the bottom of the caves that punctuate our coastline.

The next seatrekking excursions in Finistère will take place in August and September. Do not hesitate to contact Watch The Sea( participate and thus contribute directly to the protection of the oceans.

What is Seatrekking?

Seatrekking is an outdoor activity that consists of hiking at sea and along the coast independently for several days. To make a simple parallel, it is transposition of the terrestrial hike to the marine coastline.

Seatrekking therefore consists of swimming and snorkeling (with fins, mask, snorkel) at sea, free diving at shallow depths and hiking along the coasts.

The community of seatrekkeurs is growing in France, and to such an extent that an association was born in 2019, Watch The Sea France,which federates practitioners and develops this new eco-citizen sport.