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Repair-Cafe opens in Saint-Lô to connect communities and reduce waste

First launched in Cherbourg and Avranches in France, the Repair Cafe concept has now been expanded to Saint-Lô, thanks to the Preventing Plastic Pollution partners, Conseil départemental de la Manche.

“As part of the PPP project, which focuses on the removal of plastic from the Channel, several actions are being carried out across France and England, including this Repair Café, where volunteers welcomed members of the public to come together to repair various objects they use on a daily basis,” Alexandre Michel, an apprentice in education for sustainable development at the departmental council, explained.

He added: “It was really great to see people from across the community talking and chatting and sharing knowledge. Plus they can get a coffee or fruit juice at the same time. At our first workshop, we had about ten people repairing cuddly toys, radios, scales.”

During the workshop, many local residents learnt new skills from the volunteers, among whom were students, who came to lend a hand. All in all, about twenty volunteers were there to supervise.

The café does not provide new or second-hand products to replace those that are not repairable. But a 3D printer can manufacture certain parts if necessary.

The aim of this cafe is to fight against overconsumption and help prevent products from becoming obsolete.