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Did you know that 89% of people* believe that the uses we get out of plastic materials do not outweigh their negative effects? 

Thanks to data collected by Preventing Plastic Pollution and partners, we now have a better understanding of how people perceive plastic pollution.

A survey we released last year investigated how people use plastic in their daily lives, and explored attitudes towards plastic use. It’s hoped that these findings will aid in our mission to target plastic hotspots in the Channel. We found out that…

  • 77% of people* agree that the quantity of litter along rivers, in estuaries and on the coast is increasing 
  • 57% of people* are ‘extremely concerned’ about plastic pollution in rivers, compared to 77% of people* who were ‘extremely concerned’ about plastic pollution in the marine environment
  • The impact on wildlife is cited as a leading concern when it comes to plastic pollution

All of the survey respondents have played a vital role in helping us to generate data. The evidence collected has given us a much better idea of how people combat plastic pollution in their personal lives, and what might help them to cut down on plastic even further in the future.

Data and evidence sit at the heart of what our project represents. Over the project’s lifespan, we will utilise mapping and monitoring to collect data which will help us to tackle plastic pollution at its source. This survey forms a valuable component of the evidence base we are generating, helping to provide a baseline which we can look back on over time to see how attitudes have changed. 

If you’d like to find out more about what the survey revealed, click the link below to access the results in a StoryMap format. If you’d like to cut down on plastic in your own daily life, please visit the Pick a Pledge Against Plastic today.

*Based on a survey of 673 people in 2020 

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