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PPP : Community Action Day, Thetford

Preventing Plastic Pollution is a cross-border project which aims to map and better understand the hotspots of plastic pollution from source to sea. You will find more information on the project, and the latest news on this website. There is also a handy resource section with tools and webinars for schools, community groups and businesses.

In the East of England, we are working in the Great Ouse river catchment and leading on clean-up activities with community groups and businesses, raising awareness and promoting more sustainable alternatives to plastic in our everyday lives.

Working with schools

We are running citizen science & litter pick activities in primary schools and empowering young people to take action themselves in protecting their local area from the harms of plastic pollution. Free lesson plans are also available for teachers to run this activity in their school.

“We found so much rubbish mainly food wrappers, we need to make sure people use bins”

Jessica, 8

Litter pick on the beach

Community Clean-up events

Working with local groups, PPP Great Ouse is helping towards our wider target or removing 200 tonnes of plastic from the environment, by collecting plastic waste and other items from river banks, on the water, beaches, and other local beauty spots.

For more information on how ou could get involved in one of our future clean-up events, email us

Promoting Alternatives to Plastic

Plastic pollution isn’t just ugly to look at. All plastic breaks down over time, as it becomes smaller, it becomes harder to treat the problem, so clean-up events are good but we must also reduce the amount of plastic we use. Around 80% of plastic found in the ocean comes from a land source. This could be litter left by a bin, items flushed down the loo or washed down the drain, all could all potentially find their way to the river. Reducing plastic in our homes can be a simple first step.