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Plymouth installs specialist bins for angling waste to put an end to wildlife entanglement

Six waste bins for angling tackle have been installed in Plymouth Sound, a popular area for anglers.

Discarded fishing line and tackle is a concern for nature and if not disposed of correctly, it can entangle and kill wildlife, as well as being a hazard to people who take part in other recreational activities in the area.

The response from the fishers has been excellent with fishing line evident shortly after the bins were installed.

Christopher Suckling, Natural Infrastructure Officer at Plymouth City Council, said: “These are the first bins of their kind to be installed in Plymouth and are already proving to be well used. So far, the only issue is that the line is difficult to remove because it is so compact, but we are keen to find a solution to this and we’re very happy the bins are being used.”

The bins have been installed as part of the Preventing Plastic Pollution and Marine Recreational Impacts Projects.

The bins have been placed at Elphinstone Car Park near the Bait Bunker, on West Hoe Pier, at Devils Point, Mount Batten breakwater (x2) and Cornwall beach.

Fishing line can also be disposed of responsibly via the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme.