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Perceptions of Plastic Pollution Survey 2022 Results

Last year we re-issued our perceptions on plastic pollution survey. Overall results from the 256 people surveyed, showed that people’s perception of plastic pollution was similar to that of people’s perception in 2020. There was a slight increase in people saying they were ‘extremely’ concerned about plastic pollution in rivers (+2%) and more people said they would try to avoid items wrapped in plastic packaging than in our 2020 survey.

Here are some of the results from our 2022 survey:



This was closely followed by Environmental groups and NGO’s (32%) and industries which produce plastic (18%). According to survey respondents local and national government currently bear the least responsibility for reducing plastic pollution, wiht 3% of respondents citing local councils and 6% citing national government.




This was followed by national government, who according to 25% of respondents to this survey should bear the most responsibility, and 13% of respondents felt that the burden should mostly fall on retailers who sell plastic products.


Respondents were also asked what would make them take steps to reduce their plastic use even further. Half of respondents cited that greater availability of products not packaged in plastic, and 30% said seeing industry and retailers taking serious steps to reduce plastic would encourage them to reduce plastic even further.


Finally, the survey asked respondents to mark whether they agreed or not with certain statements on plastic pollution, using a sliding scale from AGREE to STONGLY DISAGREE.