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"Objective: zero plastic" : a plastic reduction charter designed for the restaurant industry

Brest Métropole has launched its operation “Objective: zero plastic”, aimed at restaurant owners in the Port de Commerce/Siam Street area, which is particularly dense in terms of restaurant activity and in close proximity to the coast.

The objective of this operation is to accompany restaurant owners in a process of reducing single-use plastics through the implementation of a commitment charter. This is a progressive approach that takes into account the significant use of single-use plastics in the restaurant sector, particularly in take-away sales, regulatory obligations and the environmental impacts observed by the scientific partners of the “Preventing Plastic Pollution” project.

The restaurant owners who have signed the charter are committed to 4 main objectives:

  1. Eliminate single-use plastic packaging.
  2. Eliminate plastic straws, swizzle sticks and cups.
  3. Eliminate individual packaged products (sauces, sugar, etc.).
  4. Sort the waste produced within the establishment.

Two levels of commitment are offered:

– As an expert: the establishment has achieved 3 of the 4 objectives.

– As an actor of change: the establishment is not engaged in a reduction process, or has achieved less than 3 of the 4 objectives.

In order to provide adequate support, Brest Métropole has carried out an audit of each establishment involved, identifying the types of plastic waste produced.

Following this initial audit, Brest Métropole organised a workshop for restaurant owners in March, with the aim of inspiring, uniting and creating a local network of restaurant owners committed to reducing plastic waste.