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Fun resources encouraging a reduction in avoidable waste are now live on the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Club (NFYFC) website, thanks to a joint initiative with the Environment Agency. Activity sheets, quizzes and general guidance produced by the plastics and sustainability team are just some of the materials available to download from the ‘YFC At Home’ pages at

“We are really excited to be launching these resources for our members with the support of the Environment Agency. Young Farmers’ Clubs are eager to do all they can to help combat climate change and these fun activities will help our members work together to make proactive changes in their local rural communities and on farms to prevent plastic pollution.”, said NFYFC chairman Rachel Goldie.

The National Federation of Young Famers’ Clubs is one of the largest rural youth organisations in the UK dedicated to young people who have a love for agriculture and rural life. The agricultural industry is just one sector the team is engaging with as part of the Interreg Preventing Plastic Pollution programme, which identifies and targets plastics hotspots from river to sea.

Environment Agency project officer Claire Horrocks said: “Working with the NFYFC is a great way to reach young people. Those working in agriculture and related industries have such an important role to play in protecting our environment. We hope these resources will be a fun and inspiring way to help YFC members to think about the plastic they use and the responsibility we all have to reduce unnecessary plastic use and manage our waste properly.”