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Did you know that an 800-acre farm can produce 1.5 tonnes of plastic waste each year?

Farm plastic, when not stored and disposed of properly, quickly becomes a problem. It escapes into the environment, enters rivers, has the potential to affect soil health, becomes a risk to livestock and wildlife and is a highly visible indicator as to how a farm is managed.

The Preventing Plastic Pollution project is working with farmers and other businesses to help them reduce the impact of their plastic use and disposal on the environment.  As part of this, PPP partners Westcountry Rivers Trust and the Environment Agency have produced an information sheet that provides key points on how to store and dispose of farm plastic in an environmentally sound, and legal manner.

This two-page downloadable document provides the advice in a succinct format and includes links to further information.  Please feel free to download and distribute within your farm community.  We would also welcome feedback on how it has helped change practice.

In addition, Westcountry Rivers Trust have teamed up with FWAG South West to have a farm plastics recycling day at Holsworthy Market on the 24th May 2021.  This is the first time this very successful event has been held in the Tamar catchment, giving local farmers an opportunity to gather up their farm plastic and have it properly recycled. Farmers will receive paperwork that will prove they have undertaken correct and legal disposal of their waste. As well as proving legal disposal, this is also a requirement for many Farm Assurance schemes such as Red Tractor.  The flier gives details of how to book time slots, as well as how the material needs to be packaged up for the event.