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Fighting Back Plastic Pollution at its Source, Supporting Waste Sorting Initiatives in Campsites

The EPAB (Etablissement Public de gestion et d’aménagement de la baie de Douarnenez) will take advantage of the summer season to take action against plastic pollution in tourism hotspots. This will include support to campsites and raising awareness of sorting waste with their customers. An action which will benefit the environment and campsites, and complements other measures deployed across PPP.

Supporting and raising awareness of waste sorting in campsites

The Epab will work with willing campsites to determine their needs, to report on the difficulties encountered in the management of their plastic waste and to integrate them into a comprehensive approach to raising awareness of plastic pollution at the local level. The Epab is currently developing the tools that will allow campsites to inform their customers of the local sorting prodecures and eco-gestures to be favoured. The ‘communautés of Communes’ (local planning groups) are involved in the initiative and a meeting will be proposed very soon at the Campsites located in Cape Sizun in Camaret.

In Douarnenez Bay, during the tourist season, there is a significant increase in the number of inhabitants, and indeed, in the amount of waste produced. Increasing tourism leads to higher management and equipment costs that require communities to find innovative and targeted solutions. “The campsites may want or need to be supported on the management of plastics that are a problem for everyone, consumers and professionals alike,” explains Gaelle Vigouroux, Epab Vice-President, in charge of the project.

To be successful, you must already bring first-level information. “From one region to another and even from one community to another, the sorting procedures may vary. Add the fact that it’s summer, and you’re on holiday, everyone can tend to loosen up. Plastic that is sorted for collection is waste that will not end up in nature and that can be recycled! Rozenn Lhermitte, coordinator of the European PPP project, explains.

A win-win for everyone!

The benefits are twofold. They are mainly environmental, we are increasingly aware of the impact of plastic pollution on wildlife and on our ecosystems. The profits are also financial for the campsites since sorting lowers the special fee, calculated according to the volume of household waste collected, unsorted. Campsites interested in the operation can already contact the Epab to start implementing this initiative.

Throughout the summer, the Epab will be on deck to raise awareness of plastic pollution among locals, with: information stands in tourist spots, workshops for children in leisure centres, and beach clean-ups.

Events will be detailed on the Epab's website throughout the summer season (in French only)

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