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Plastik Panik dans l’océan: Free Outdoor Exhibition

Promenade du Moulin Blanc, outside Océanopolis

Ideally situated in front of Brest harbor, this exhibition, through scientific and artistic signatures, raises awareness of the stakes of a plastic-free ocean and supports actions such as curbing the amount of plastic we use.

From observation to action, the visible pollution of large plastic waste gives way to microscopic fragments, less apparent but more abundant. The various analyses of microplastics in the laboratory allow us to describe their properties and identify which material they are from, and experiments enable us to understand the consequences of microplastics on organisms and marine ecosystems.

More than 90% of the plastic waste floating in the sea is smaller than 5 mm, these are the microplastics.

We are sharing this knowledge through this exhibition with schools and the general public in order to raise awareness and encourage action for a sustainably preserved ocean, and a sustainably protected future.

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