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Over 44,000 students log on to celebrate Earth Day

Over 44,000 students log on to learn how to tackle plastic pollution and climate change as part of Earth Day celebrations 

Organised by the Environment Agency, in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Science, the webinar aimed to engage key stage 3 students about plastic pollution and climate change.  

The webinar was held on the 22nd April, in celebration of Earth Day and delivered sessions on plastic pollution, material science, myth-busting and common misconceptions around ‘biodegradable and compostable plastics’.  

 The webinar was set up as part of the new Interreg FCE project, Preventing Plastic Pollution and was the first of many new online webinars that the project is hoping to deliver.   

Kim Goonesekera, Environment Agency Programme Manager for Preventing Plastic Pollution, said:

“44,000 students logged on to attend our webinar, so we were absolutely delighted with the response from the students. It is reassuring to know that despite the lockdown situation, young people are still keen to get involved and do something to help the future of the environment. We had some excellent feedback from the students, who felt inspired to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and maths!”  

The webinar is available to watch online here