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Pick a Pledge Against Plastic

This year, we’re asking you to Pick a Pledge against plastic.

All it takes is one simple decision to reduce plastic use in your daily life. Alone, the impact may be small—but imagine if we all made the pledge! Whether you vow to use a reusable bottle, or ditch disposable face masks—every action makes a difference.

Once you’ve chosen your pledge, pass it on. You could do nominate colleagues in your office, classmates in your year group, or your friends and family.

Below, we’ve created a set of resources for you to download:

  • An Instagram template, which you can post on your story. Circle your pledge and cross out anything you already do, then tag @Plastic_EU and nominate three friends to take part!
  • A template for Facebook or Twitter, which you can share to tell everybody that you’re taking part. Let people know which pledge you’ve chosen, and encourage them to get involved too
  • An email footer, to help more people learn about our fight against plastic pollution. Make sure you link it to this page so more people can Pick a Pledge!

Pick a Pledge - Instagram story

Share this image on your Instagram story and nominate friends to take part!


Pick a Pledge - Twitter/Facebook post

Share this image as a post on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, and nominate friends to take part!


Pick a Pledge - Email footer

Download this image to use as your email footer. Don't forget to link it back to this page!