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But what next?

  1. Why not upload a picture of your litter pick to Twitter or Instagram, tag us in it @Plastic_EU , and #PreventingPlasticPollution so we can see what you found.
  2. Download and try our plastic free bingo card here. You can also tweet us with changes you plan to make.
  3. Complete a ‘plastics at home health check’. How did you do?!
  4. Talk to your friends and family about plastic pollution. We have lots of school resources!
  5. You could join a local green group, take part in repair cafes, and buy second hand. Remember, it’s the small changes that we make that can make a big difference!

About the litter pick kits

Environment Agency litter pickers are now available to members of the public in Southampton.

Litter picking kits are stored at accessible locations to encourage the passing public to take a few minutes out of their day for a quick litter pick in the local vicinity. The kits, have been rolled out by the Environment Agency as part of Preventing Plastic Pollution, and will be stored by local businesses overnight and brought out during the day for public use.

There are also plans to roll the kits out across the wider Solent area.